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hp-service-virtualizationEmpower project teams to develop and test in constrained environments and reduce cycle time with HP Service Virtualization software, designed to quickly establish and provide access to limited or no-availability services through a simulated, virtual environment. you have.



HP Service Virtualization software allows development and testing teams to access limited or unavailable services in a simulated, virtual environment. This easy-to-use solution speeds application delivery, eliminates risks and reduces cost by virtualizing services within existing environments.

By enabling parallel development and early functional testing, it eliminates wait times. HP Service Virtualization also reduces the use of high-cost, business-critical infrastructure or pay-per-use components for testing.

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Speed-up release cycles: HP Service Virtualization allows parallel development and early functional testing. Reduce wait time for unavailable systems or waiting for static stubs to be available to your development and functional testing team. Allow 24/7 access to customized virtual services to test more scenarios with faster turnaround.

Reduce budgets required to run and manage complex test environments: HP Service Virtualization allows reduction of infrastructure costs including hardware, software licenses, and maintenance. It also minimizes usage of high-cost business critical infrastructure for testing.

Decrease third-party expenses: HP Service Virtualization allows reduction of third-party costs incurred by running repetitive functional and performance tests that access pay-per-use components. Manage third-party costs by allowing creation of local simulated instances of third-party components.

Reduce risk by engaging quality teams early: HP Service Virtualization allows testing earlier in the cycle without the necessity of having the end system ready. It delivers results much faster in shorter cycles by removing slow performing components and wait cycles. It helps to identify defects at the time when they are cheaper and quicker to fix.

Decrease risk with broader test coverage: HP Service Virtualization allows testing for malicious backend system behavior. Allow functional and performance engineers to imitate negative behavior or breakdown of dependent systems. By having the ability to change backend performance characteristics it also allows them to optimize application performance and find the best deployment configuration.


  • Simulation allows for broader tests to include coverage for negative test scenarios
  • Test limited functionality and changes with different use cases and test coverage
  • Speed up testing cycles to run a simulation faster
  • Simulate testing against a constrained environment and when a slow response time is needed for testing a specific scenario
  • Isolate and identify problematic areas in distributed and out of control environments

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