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Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) Center

hp-projectDiscover how portfolio and demand management software from HP can help you to identify which IT projects to prioritize in order to meet business objectives and deliver consistent outcomes.



HP Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) Center standardizes, manages, and captures the execution of project and operational activities. It provides critical information in real-time to help you make the right investment decisions at the right time.

Today's Project Management Organization (PMO) struggles with time, cost, and resource management challenges—particularly at the aggregate level. Given these daily challenges, it is difficult for IT executives to see which projects and operational activities they should be working on to find out how much is left in their budget, resource capacity levels, and alignment with business needs.

HP PPM Center software helps you overcome these challenges. It provides your PMO with visibility into strategic and operational demand as well as in-flight projects and programs. Financial management capabilities provide real-time visibility into the project lifecycle at the portfolio, program, and project level—giving IT the flexibility and transparency needed for challenging economic conditions."

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Key Features

  • Offers top-down planning capabilities that are supported with bottoms-up detailed project plans resulting in better business outcomes
  • Provides IT financial management capabilities to rapidly adapt budgets and resources as business objectives change
  • Supports Application Lifecycle Management by helping organizations combine detailed project plans with requirements management, quality, and performance testing efforts
  • Enhances visibility and controls to maintain compliance and reduce costs


Project Management: Helps you reduce project complexity and accelerate project delivery by integrating project management and process controls. This true 100 percent zero-client project management solution enables collaborative project management with a low total cost of ownership. Unlike traditional project management software that only plans, schedules and reports on project status, this software uses task-level workflows to augment a work breakdown structure and leverage best-practice processes to accelerate project delivery.

Portfolio Management: Align your IT portfolio to better support your business strategy. Use what-if scenario planning to automatically or manually creates an optimal mix of projects, proposals and assets. Gather accurate, up-to-date information for difficult portfolio decisions.

Financial Management: Enables your organization to manage its IT portfolio with real-time visibility into financial performance. This software offers automatic calculations of costs and variances that delivers detailed comparisons of your project health.

Time Management: Helps you streamline time collection and improve the accuracy of tracking the work your IT organization performs. The software bridges the gap between work management and time management across a range of items, including projects, tasks, requests and deployments. It enables you to focus on value-added activities by helping you manage both the work-demanded and time-expended sides of the equation in your IT portfolio.

Program Management: Provides visibility across programs, projects and operational-type activities, enabling your team to collaboratively manage programs from concept to completion. It automates processes for managing scope, risk, quality, issues and schedules. This software provides a single repository for all project status reports, including detailed cost and schedule metrics as well as expected benefits. This information is presented to all project participants and stakeholders through a role-based dashboard.

Resource Management: Enables you to effectively manage resource capacity and allocation. This software provides a clear picture of your resource supply, including resource roles, skills and skill levels, across your entire organization. It also balances your resource supply with incoming demand, giving you full visibility and control over your project demands. Support for top-down and bottom-up resource planning allows you to forecast resource demand by roles for high-level portfolio planning. Through resource requests, this high-level planning profile transitions to detailed task and request assignments. And because HP PPM Resource Management provides visibility for both operational tasks and mission-critical, strategic projects, you can allocate resources to the highest-priority activities to ensure IT stays in alignment with business priorities.

Demand Management: Enables you to capture all the requests made on your IT organization. It allows you to aggregate, prioritize and fulfill demands for both strategic projects and day-to-day activities. As a result, business users and IT can collaborate efficiently, which helps you cut costs, accelerate problem resolution and manage your service levels. HP PPM Center Demand Management software leverages a powerful workflow process engine that helps automate business processes and enforce best practice process methodologies.

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