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HP IT Executive Scorecard


The HP IT Executive Scorecard is a key element in the HP IT Performance Suite, the industry’s first systematic approach to digitizing the sensing, measuring, and instrumentation of the entire it-controlled landscape into single consolidated views for it leaders and practitioners.


The HP IT Executive Scorecard and the HP IT Performance Suite include comprehensive families of proven software for strategy, planning, and governance, application lifecycle management IT operations, information management, and security intelligence and risk management. These solutions are unified by one of the most complete IT data models for collecting and relating data feeds from individual products—a major breakthrough for IT.

And what makes the IT Performance Suite much more than just an excellent collection of IT management software is the IT Executive Scorecard — a single pane of glass that pulls all the information and analysis together to give IT leaders broad and deep insight into everything IT does.

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Key Features

  • Use a single pane of glass to view it business services, programs, and financial status
  • View performance and problem areas promptly
  • Show historical data to highlight and identify negative trends early
  • Automate and decrease effort required for the data-gathering process to enable real-time reporting
  • Cascade Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) across layers of scorecards
  • Add notes using collaboration in the context of a KPI time period


  • Demonstrate it performance using standardized metrics and KPIs that businesses set
  • Allow executives to see data in near real time at operational review meetings or executive team sessions
  • Demonstrate it value and showcase it as a strategic investment vs. a utility
  • Make decisions faster to rectify planned vs. actual expense more quickly and improve business agility
  • Customize dashboard views to meet each user's needs

Ready-made roles

  • The Chief Information Officer (CIO): By measuring the percentage of projects matching business objectives and projects on budget, CIOs can align it strategy to business goals.
  • VP of IT operations: By measuring the percentage of change in assets and project costs, VPs of IT operations can plan, design, and implement it processes to align with infrastructure demands.
  • IT service managers: By measuring the percentage of service-level agreements (SLAs) not met and outages over time, IT service managers can continually improve it service quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Project management officers (PMO): By measuring the percentage of projects on time and budget, PMOs can coordinate between all project parties to make sure projects will end on time, within budget, and with high quality.
  • Business relationship managers: By getting all the metrics and KPIs related to the services IT provides on a single dashboard, business relationship managers can prove the value of IT for a given line of business on a continuous basis.





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