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Business Service Management

hp-bacTired of getting false alarms from your monitors or no alarm when there is a problem? Service level agreements aren't written around how much CPU or memory is being consumed; they focus on performance and availability of application functionality for end users.


Virtualized your servers and suffering from server sprawl? HP Business Availability Center is a solution that focuses on the same priorities that you have.


Balancing speed and the quality of your applications is a challenge in the simplest environment. But in a complex composite application environment, detecting availability and performance issues, isolating application problems, and resolving problems is difficult.

HP Business Availability Center software for Composite Application Management proactively monitors, isolates problems, and identifies composite application root causes. This top-down, end-to-end lifecycle solutions encompasses heterogeneous environments, including SAP, Oracle e-Business Suite, Siebel, and SOA.

It lets you start with the end user and drill down into application components, packaged applications, and back-end tiers. This enables you to rapidly resolve the problems that have the greatest business impact.

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Key Features

  • Performs monitoring, transaction management and quick diagnosis of composite applications, including SOA, portals, enterprise resource planning (ERM) and customer relationship management (CRM), MQ and CICS mainframe and databases, across the performance lifecycle, 24x7
  • Conducts performance management of end users and transactions in real time and provides contextual drill-down for isolating problems and diagnosis
  • Supports transaction tracing in distributed environments across technology platforms, such as J2EE, .NET and SAP NetWeaver, and over various protocols, such as RMI, SOAP and HTTP(S)
  • Includes drag-and-drop, role-based dashboards with an incident analysis workspace for collaboration and effective root-cause analysis
  • Helps solve memory leaks, hung thread and other complex composite application problems, using advanced root-cause analysis
  • Supports a higher standard of performance and availability for composite applications to provide better quality of service to the business
  • Features broad platform coverage to support BEA WebLogic Portal, application server; IBM WebSphere Portal, application server; Oracle® e-Business Suite; Oracle Enterprise database; SAP NetWeaver; SAP R/3 business applications; MQ Series and CICS mainframe applications; .NET applications; SOAP and HTTP(S) web services on IBM, SAP, BEA, Oracle and others; Apache and Tomcat-based containers; JBoss; and many other platforms
  • Supports custom instrumentations and monitoring support for third-party packaged applications and platforms

Optional Modules

End-User Management (real & synthetic): Gives your IT organization greater visibility into the end user experience via real-user and synthetic monitoring. Real user performance is monitored by attaching to your switch and by breaking down the performance of each response to end-user requests. Synthetic monitoring is done by creating recordings of end-users performing business critical functions which are deployed to agents that run them on a regular basis. These replay agents can be located anywhere in the world to help you localize performance issues. Both types of monitors can have thresholds established for reporting and alerts.

Service Level Management (SLM): Scores performance and availability of end-user response times from End User Management against service level agreements in real time.

System Availability Management (SAM) with SiteScope: Based on HP's popular agentless monitor, SiteScope, over 80 types of system performance metrics can be collected and measured against thresholds. Relationships between servers, network components like switches and firewalls can be visually mapped.

Diagnostics for J2EE, .NET, SAP, Siebel, and Oracle EBS: Understand not only what the end-user performance was but what factors contributed to slowdowns by collecting underlying data from the application server giving you a breakdown of how much time was spent in the various application and database layers.

Discovery & Dependency Mapping (DDM): Network and application architectural diagrams stale the minute they're printed? Got a virtualized environment with new servers appearing all the time and no idea how they're being used? DDM works by monitoring your network for new servers and then discovers what services they provide as well as the other servers with which they interact. Servers, services, and relationships are all captured to HP's Universal Configuration Management Database (uCMDB).

Problem Isolation: Helps you isolate, triage, diagnose and resolve problems quickly. This software helps put performance data in a business context, correlate data across heterogenous systems and communicate more effectively across organizations.

TransactionVision: Provides business transaction monitoring that dramatically increases visibility into your customer-facing transactions. This software non-intrusively tracks customer transactions throughout their entire lifecycle – from the end-user location to the mainframe back end.

Business Process Insight: Allows you to monitor the performance of back-end business processes and understand the impact of problems.

Universal CMDB: All peer-to-peer and hierarchical relationships among infrastructure components and applications collected by Business Availability Center modules are kept in HP's Universal Configuration Management Database (uCMDB). Information from other monitoring tools can be integrated as well.

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