Wednesday, July 27, 2016

QC vLab


QC vLab brings the power of cloud-based test environments to new and existing HP Quality Center / ALM implementations. With it, organizations can easily integrate VMware vCloud Director into their existing QA process.

QC vLab solves several problems for quality assurance teams:

  • Provisioning the application under test (AUT) - Most QA teams spend at least two weeks waiting for Operations to setup physical hardware and install the required operating system and applications before they can begin testing. VMware vCloud Director is a web portal that allows those teams to build new environments from an existing set of templates in a matter of seconds. QC vLab can deploy and undeploy the AUT as part of an execution flow for a Quality Center / ALM test set so that memory and CPU in your VMware infrastructure is conserved.
  • Solving the test data destruction problem - Because the AUT is inside one or more virtual machines, snapshots and restores can be used as a simple mechanism to rewind the AUT back to its initial state so that test can be re-run without data population requirements.
  • Capturing the state of the AUT when a test step fails - Snapshots can also be taken automatically by QC vLab when an HP QuickTest Professional test encounters a checkpoint that fails. This means that the development team can rewind the AUT state to the instant of failure to debug the problem.
  • Parallel testing and data conflicts - QC vLab enables concurrent testing against the AUT through a VMware vSphere feature called Fast Provisioning. Fast Provisioned clones are thin copies (delta disks) of all the virtual machines making up the AUT. Because the clones share the same IP addresses and hostnames as the original, VMware vCloud Director can automatically place the clones in a network fence. This means that complete copies of the AUT can be tested simultaneously without data or networking conflicts.

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QC/ALM Workflow API Support

While no programming is needed to use QC vLab, we do offer a COM+ API that can be called by HP Quality Center / ALM Workflow scripts. With it, you can perform a wide variety of operations in VMware vCloud Director. Examples are provided in the documentation.

System Requirements


  • HP Quality Center 10 and 11
  • HP Application Lifecycle Management 11
  • VMware vCloud Director 1.5+

Hardware & Operating System

Any system that meets HP Quality Center / ALM requirements for the versions mentioned above.

Enable cloud-based testing

"QC vLab enables HP Quality Center / ALM customers to take advantage of the benefits of cloud-based testing with VMware vCloud Director. Customers can now eliminate the provisioning time to setup test environments, solve the problem of data destruction that testing causes, and capture the state of an application under test when automated checkpoints fail."
- Martin Klaus, Senior Product Marketing Manager, VMware

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