Thursday, July 28, 2016
Manage Managed Testing

Managed Testing

Juggling QA projects with the resources you have and someone throw you another ball? Instead of taking the time to hire, train, and manage new personnel or draft non-QA staff to become a volunteer army of testers, consider Avnet Services-HP Practice Managed Testing services.

Using proven processes, tools, and people.

Whether on a short-term, long-term or recurring basis, our HP Practice takes on responsibility for your testing using industry leading tools, proven best practices, and quantifiable benefits. Scale up or scale back paying only for the resources you need. To ensure alignment with your project's priorities, Avnet Services-HP Practice establishes a service level agreement (SLA) and key performance indicators (KPIs).

The result is end-to-end application testing services combining the cost savings of a global delivery model with senior QA staff onsite to interface with your subject matter experts and to provide local accountability. Our HP Practice's Managed Testing allows you to concentrate on your core business while getting optimized quality management that provides better visibility into the QA process, shorter test cycles, broader coverage, and risk-based analysis.

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  • Reduces costs by 30%, freeing up funding for mission-critical projects
  • Introduces test process analysis to provide advise and improvements based on trend analysis of key metrics
  • Introduces a structured approach to define business test cases
  • Introduces usage of test accelerators to enhance productivity
  • Adopts risk-based testing, requirements traceability and knowledge management techniques to improve testing effectiveness
  • Access to top talent with most current technical skill sets
  • Allows in-house staff and management to maintain focus on organizational core competencies to identify to identify business opportunities
  • Enables highly reusability of artifacts with low maintenance
  • Drives consistencies in processes
  • Lower cost of ownership

Performance metrics (SLAs/KPIs)

The measure of quality is the defect removal rate or quality delivered. The ad hoc methods of testing normally used by organizations, yield removal rates of around 70 percent. This means that 30 percent of the defects must be removed in the production environment in a time-consuming and costly chore that also leads to user dissatisfaction.

Avnet Services-HP Practice Managed Testing uses formal steps for test planning, execution and verification, metrics-based tracking, and skilled resources to raise removal rate significantly - 95% for functional testing and 98% for regression testing.






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