Saturday, July 30, 2016
Manage Managed Administration


Keeping your HP ITPS or CloudSystem environment running at peak performance requires consistent tuning and administration by personnel well-versed in the specific HP products. However in many cases IT organizations are lacking

  • Resources with deep skills in each particular HP ITPS or CloudSystem product
  • Dedicated focus for administration and maintenance
  • Limited personnel budgets to hire dedicated administrators

Because of this installed products aren’t kept patched and up-to-date or tuned to changing IT processes and underlying infrastructure hampering the usefulness of the tools by operators and limiting the tools ROI.

To address these issues, Avnet Services-HP Practice has create ExpertAdmin providing expert administration of your HP ITPS or CloudSystem environment by our highly experience, HP-certified personnel. Through a mix of scheduled and requested tasks our personnel provide consistent attention and upkeep of your HP Software environment through…

  • System administration
  • System maintenance
  • Process maintenance
  • Product troubleshooting
  • Product support escalation
  • Expert product guidance

An assigned Technical Account Manager provides a central point of contact for coordinating and managing every aspect of your ExpertAdmin service. In addition, weekly and monthly reporting of all activities ensure you always have visibility. Avnet Services-HP Practice’s ExpertAdmin enables you to …

  • Focus on operating IT not administering the tools
  • Reduce annual staff training costs
  • Gain more predictability in annual operating costs
  • Maintain a healthy, tuned and up-to-date-solution





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