Friday, July 29, 2016

The Vision: An Integrated IT Value Chain

Civilian, military, and intelligence agencies rely on their IT to deliver value in enabling each agency to meet their mission. To accomplish this, your IT team works hard to create the value-added services to meet a variety of specific agency needs then manage those services through their entire lifecycle. In essence, you are creating an IT Value Chain that takes agency needs as inputs and transforms them into specific agency outcomes, no different than manufacturing takes in raw materials and generates products.

IT Infrastructure software vendors have spent billions of dollars to assemble the technology components needed to enable, deploy, and operate each step in the IT Value Chain. While vendors like HP now have complete suites across the IT Value Chain, your environments today are still a mix of multi-vendor technology silos that lack integration and disrupt the flow of your IT Value Chain. Integrating these technology silos requires deep product knowledge, best practices, skills, processes and experience working in multi-vendor IT environments within a range of government agencies.

We understand that project timelines need to be short; agencies need to be able to deliver higher-quality services faster, security is paramount and risks need to be minimized. To help you realize the value of your IT investments, we bring together partner technology centered on HP business technology optimization (BTO) products, with Pepperweed Federal's highly experienced US-based services and support personnel and enrich the combination with Pepperweed's Evolution IP.

A Trusted Partner in building your IT Value Chain

Enter Pepperweed Federal, with 15 years of experience in over 2500 implementations across all areas of Federal IT infrastructure. Pepperweed Federal is an IT integration company and trusted partner that can assess, architect, specify, implement, and support the products and services needed to integrate IT technology silos into a smoothly operating IT Value Chain.
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GSA Schedule

The Information Technology Schedule 70 helps federal agencies with their procurement of IT products, services, and solutions. Pepperweed can address the needs of the government IT community through the following Special Item Numbers (SINs):

  • 132-33: Perpetual Software License.
  • 132-34: Software Maintenance.
  • 132-51: Information Technology Services.

Pepperweed’s Information Technology Schedule 70 number is GS-35F-0349S.

Pepperweed currently has one of the most complete HP Software & HP Insight GSA schedule with over 73,000 part numbers

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