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On Demand Consulting for Your Every Need

HP's IT Performance Suite is a complete and integrated set of products enabling IT to create, deploy, secure, store, analyze, operate and service applications, data and infrastructure. To maximize the value of HP's IT Performance Suite whether you are implementing and operating a single product or the complete suite takes ongoing expertise, knowledge, administration, and support. However, the following often get in the way as you try to juggle your priorities to deliver stable operations meeting your budget and ROI goals:

  • Resource availability due to higher priority items
  • Gaps in your team's expertise
  • Inability to ad hoc budget for small tasks and project
  • Infrequent tasks or projects
  • Short-term resource constraints
  • Changing budget priorities forcing reallocation of budget

To address these issues Avnet Services-HP Practice created Flex-Paks. Flex-Paks provide on demand consulting that delivers remote technical implementation, integration and administration services to keep your environment running in top condition or allow you to "flex-up" your staffing to meet specific project goals.

Flex-Paks allow IT leaders to manage and budget up front for the ad hoc tasks that come up throughout the year while giving you the flexibility on how and when these tasks are accomplished. How you use your Flex-Pak hours is totally up to you and can be used for a wide range of HP IT Performance Suite consulting projects that could include:

  • Architectural system reviews and development
  • Requirements gathering
  • Script development
  • Implementation adjustment and tuning
  • Patch and upgrade analysis and deployment
  • Deploy additional agents
  • Create and update reports
  • Create and update integrations
  • Software license management
  • Data migration & integration

Flex-Pak services are provided remotely by our HP Practice's highly experienced, HP certified consultants.

How it Works

Flex-Paks are prepaid and can be purchased in one of two ways: 1) User selectable (24 hour minimum purchase required); 2) Discounted packages of hours. The following are the available Flex-Pak packages

  • 160 Hour Flex-Pak Package
  • 200 Hour Flex-Pak Package
  • 240 Hour Flex-Pak Package

Once purchased, Flex-Paks are good for one year and can be used in any amounts. To use you simply make a request to Avnet Services-HP Practice's Service Center via phone or web. Once submitted our HP Practice will work with you to scope, schedule and remotely complete the requested work. For projects with larger number of hours requiring onsite work, Travel & Expenses are separately billed.


    Flex-Pak Benefits

    • Use as needed
    • Handle unforeseen projects
    • On Demand HP Product expertise




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      Introducing Avnet HPSS's new Flex-Paks

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