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Custom Consulting

Through open teamwork and collaboration, we help IT organizations rationalize the key IT and business challenges to establish a clear charter of objectives to accomplish. We prepare you for growth by individualizing solutions that fit perfectly into the context of your business and operating environment.

Creating large scale integrated solutions using HP Software has been a mainstay of Avnet Services-HP Practice for over 15 years. Using our unique Plan-Deliver-Operate methodology we work with you throughout the entire implementation process and will create customized statements of work to meet your specific needs and objectives.



The HP Software implementation plan depends on business needs. Our HP Practice will work with IT and business stakeholders, including application specialists and management, to understand business objectives and priorities. Current state assessment provides a starting point for the implementation of the solutions.

The resulting understanding of business requirements and current state combined with experience from thousands of implementations of the HP Software IT Performance Suite are combined to create a comprehensive implementation plan, designed to provide the best possible return on your HP Software investment, including architecture for implementation that will grow with your business.

Depending on the complexity of the solution, the architecture may include functional and non-functional requirements, physical and logical architecture documents, detailed integration specifications and security planning. The outcome will be a detailed project plan, with schedules and identified resources.


Our HP Practice consultants are provided with a proven delivery methodology and intellectual property (IP) including collateral developed over thousands of projects. Avnet Services-HP Practice consultants will execute the implementation plan, relying on many years of experience and proven processes to assure successful business outcomes. Delivery methodology includes:

  • Installation or upgrade of technology
  • Configuration of the solutions based on identified business and technical requirements, based on best practices and customization of the solution
  • Integration, key to the value of the HP Software IT Performance Suite, including existing third party and in-house developed tools, using out of the box, our HP Practice IP and custom integrations
  • Documentation of the complete solution
  • Test and Production rollout to ensure the final solution meets business and technical requirements


Our HP Practice will work closely with IT staff to assure the adoption and continued use of the solution. Final adjustment to operational procedures will smooth the transition and finally realize the value of the implemented solution. Avnet Services-HP Practice will provide complete documentation of the solution. Our HP Practice projects are designed to provide knowledge transfer throughout the project, and in specific workshops, including:

  • Specific customizations
  • Administrative function review, tips, tricks and procedures
  • Basic and advanced platform troubleshooting
  • Demonstrate delivered functionality

Combined with the recommended HP Software official training, our HP Pracrtice documentation and knowledge transfer will ensure that the IT staff is equipped to maintain and grow the value of the solution going forward.

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