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Capability Service Lifecycle Management

Service Lifecycle Management

IT Service Management

Today's IT organizations are already expected to measure IT's performance and the value provided to the business. They are also expected to increase productivity while supporting a post-recession growth curve, with less staff. Running your IT Business is challenging enough today, but in an ever changing landscape, new opportunities are constantly presenting themselves.

Whether your new challenges include quicker fault isolation and higher service quality through a Closed Loop Incident Process (CLIP), or direct licensing cost reduction through tightening of Configuration and Change Management processes, Service Lifecycle Management is a critical step in achieving those goals. Focusing on IT Service Management, HP's Universal Configuration Management Database (uCMDB) and the HP discovery tools can be used to accurately define, measure and manage those continually evolving business services.

At Avnet Services-HP Practice, we bring value to our customers in implementing HP's world class IT Service Management tools such as HP Service Manager, HP uCMDB and HP Universal Discovery.  However, the value which our HP Practrice provides goes much deeper than just solution expertise. Our past records and awards demonstrate the deepest expertise with the technologies, a comprehensive grasp of the processes, and an unmatched ability to work with your teams and organization to capitalize on those opportunities to directly improve the business of your IT.

For automation of ITIL processes, HP Service Manager is a world-class, market leading solution. Avnet Services-HP Practice has been implementing some of the world's largest HP Service Manager customers since 2001.  These deployments were successful because of the unique intellectual property our HP Practice brings to customer engagements such as our SM Evolution product.  Using SM Evolution, your organization can take advantage of pre-developed processes that match the configuration of the HP Service Management product.

  • Incident Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Catalog & Request Management
  • Change Management
  • Configuration Management

IT Asset Management

Getting control of IT assets has become a matter of survival in today's audit-filled environment. IT organizations are striving to gain an understanding of the existing spend and management of all assets throughout their entire lifecycle, such as:

  • Desktop/server software licenses
  • Chargeback of assets to departments
  • IT procurement processes
  • Server deployments
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Leasing contracts

HP Asset Manager along with HP Universal Discovery software enables total management and control of all IT assets, including networking, storage, servers, desktops, mobile, desktop software middleware and mainframe. The entire lifecycle can be managed from request, procurement, deployment, operations through disposal. What if you could simply run a report and instantly determine if you were compliant with your Adobe licensing agreement? HP's Asset Management solution, along with a disciplined Asset Management process, enables this capability and much more for many customers.

There are many things to consider before committing an organization's time and resources to an asset management solution. Key customer issues when considering implementation of IT Asset Management:

  • What is the ROI?
  • Should you start with process, or tools?
  • How much process development is too much?
  • How do we manage organizational change?
  • Which problem or problems should we tackle first?

Avnet Services-HP Practice has been implementing complex Asset Management solutions using HP's Asset Manager, DDMA and uCMDB since 2001. Our proven approach and methodology utilizes the right combination of business process development and tool deployment. As a result, any organization can obtain quick wins, building momentum for a more comprehensive, long term Asset Management discipline. We leverage our ROI models to develop a priority list with our customers, so they can succinctly justify the proposed phased approach and set proper expectations with the executive leader ship as to required investment and expected return. We believe very strongly in a phased approach, and often start with a manageable set of problems, such as leasing contract management or software license management and compliance. This builds confidence in the solution and demonstrates tangible ROI in a short period of time.

Avnet Services-HP Practice provides compreshensive services to assist your organization in devloping an IT Asset Management internal process as well as deploying the HP Asset Management solution to implement that process.We look forward to working with you on improving your asset management lifecycle.

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