Wednesday, July 27, 2016
Capability Operations Management

Operations Management

Today's IT Operations are required to do more than simply maintain the IT infrastructure. Increasing business demand for the highest service levels, greater dependence on IT for business results than ever before, and ever-tightening budgets are driving the need for increased efficiency and innovation to meet the needs of the business organization.

Typically, 70-80% of IT Operations resources are spent "keeping the lights on". Avnet Services-HP Practice wants you to turn that number on its head, allowing you more freedom for innovation while balancing demand with budgetary constraints. And, you won't have to compromise on the quality of the solution to achieve best in class results.

With Avnet Services-HP Practice and HP Software integrated solutions, you can meet your goals

  • Integrate the management of your IT infrastructure from network devices, servers and storage, OS and middleware, to detect and quickly recover from potential service interruptions.
  • Address your most critical needs with best in class point solutions for network, system and storage management solutions, relying on HP's commitment to build on your investment.
  • Manage your physical, virtual and cloud environments with a multilayered, integrated solution.
  • Confidently make IT decisions based on the most complete and accurate integrated fault and performance metrics collection, analysis and reporting possible.
  • Increase efficiency with automation to detect, diagnose, and remediate complex problems
  • Integrate with the complete HP Software IT Performance Suite for consolidated event, configuration and service management, including open interfaces for integration with your existing third party or in-house developed tools

Avnet Services-HP Practice provides services to realize the value of your HP Software investment

  • Solution Architecture, design and requirements analysis to realize the maximum value from your HP Software investment
  • Implementation of HP Software Automated Network Management, including network discovery and fault management with HP NNMi,
  • Implementation of Network Performance Management with Smart Plugins for collecting, analyzing and reporting on device and interface metrics, traffic and quality, including specialized areas of MPLS, IP Telephony, and Multicast with out-of- the-box functionality provided by Smart Plugins.
  • Integration of HP NNMi with HP Network automation to correlate changes with network problems and enforce configuration policies with a complete audit trail.
  • Implementation of server availability and performance monitoring and event management with agentless (HP SiteScope) and agent-based (HP Operations Manager and HP Performance Manager) solutions.
  • Customization of monitoring, analysis and reporting to meet your unique requirements
  • Integration with your in-house developed or third party tools
  • Training, documentation and knowledge transfer to enable your IT staff to own and improve the HP Software solution

In addition to these great benefits, our HP Practice has provided several fixed price implementation options which streamline your deploying of a particular HP Software solution and ensure that you realize ROI form your purchase in a timely manner.  For more information, please refer to our NNMI E-Pak, SiteScope E-Pak and Operations Manager E-Pak solutions.

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