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Capability Compliance


Avnet Services-HP Practice provides the experience to mitigate risk through the intelligent integration of secure processes, security software and IT operations. Our HP Practice has worked with many customers who face IT Compliance challenges that include ensuring your servers, applications and networks are secure from internal and external threat as well convincing an external audit of these simple truths.  As an HP Software Partner, Avnet Services-HP Practice can assist you in leveraging a set of capabilities which ensure the compliance of your IT organization from many levels.

People & Process

  • Assessment & Process Analysis: Our HP Practice will benchmark your company’s security posture and suggest methods for improvement. By creating the proper governance structure and effectively training individuals for their positions, Avnet Services-HP Practice can improve productivity rates while reducing risk.
  • Risk Mitigation: Risk comes in a variety of forms. Our HP Practice assists companies identify and mitigate risk in a variety of settings such as identifying and protecting your most important assets, finding potential avenues of attack before applications enter production, and reducing vulnerabilities within your processes themselves.
  • Operations Integration: Intelligently integrating IT Operations with Security can automate many tasks while reducing the insider threat. By identifying the critical components in your IT operations we can minimize threats posed by personnel, both internal and external.

Enabling Technologies

  • Server and Application Compliance - Using solutions such as HP Server Automation, we are able to deploy agents to your server infrastructure and apply Policies to those servers to ensure a server meets the requirements of a pre-defined "gold standard".  On a regular basis we can audit those servers with the push of a button to receive a detailed analysis of the compliance of those servers and even the business applications that run on them.   If a server is found out of compliance, you may very easily "remediate" that server to apply the required configurations, patches or software to ensure the "gold standard" is maintained.  In addition, HP offers an HP Business Service Automation Essentials Security and Compliance Subsription Service which includes alerts come from vendor bulletins and from agencies like the National Vulnerability Database, PCI Security Standards Council and the Center for Internet Security. Packaged into actionable audit or compliance policies, they enable you to quickly detect and remediate vulnerabilities, reducing windows of risk.
  • Network Compliance - Using solutions such as HP Network Automation, you can be assured that your network devices follow consistent standards in the way they are configured and ensure compliance with federal and local regulations.  Also leveraging the HP Business Service Automation Essentials Security and Compliance Subsription Service, HP Network Automation regularly downloads Policy updates from HP and allows you to selectively apply them to your network devices.
  • Security Compliance - Security compliance is a broad topic, but HP offers many solutions in this area such as the following:
    • ArcSight: Aggregates security related events and automatically identifies correlations. Avnet Services-HP Practice will assist you in configuring ArcSight solutions and training your staff.
    • TippingPoint: Intrusion prevention at your network's perimeter.
    • Fortify: Testing your applications for security issues through code and runtime analysis.

Increase the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability (CIA) of your systems and information assets with Avnet Services-HP Practice.





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