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Capability Cloud and Automation

Cloud and Automation

The Cloud Challenge

Approximately every decade, technology delivery undergoes a tectonic shift that changes the consumption of technology and the value that it can bring. Today, mobility, social, big data, and the advent of cloud computing offer new ways for IT to help organizations accelerate progress towards solving their most pressing challenges—speeding innovation, enhancing agility, and improving financial management.

Cloud is a key component of their ability to gain unencumbered access to information technology—to access "Infrastructure Anywhere, Applications Anywhere, Information Anywhere or better said: Services Anywhere." In order to deliver on the "Services Anywhere" promise, organizations will have to think differently about IT. No longer will they be solely a builder of internal infrastructure and services, but will also need to broker or consume third-party/external services. The key will be understanding the unique requirements of each service such as availability, cost, performance, and regulatory needs, then address them in the most efficient and cost effective way. This will be done by creating the right mix of on-premise and off-premise services that leverage the best of traditional IT, private, managed, and public cloud: a hybrid delivery environment.

Organizations building on-premise environments are being constrained by the lack of a comprehensive, integrated solution that creates confidence and a sense of trust in the cloud. Current approaches to cloud computing create fragmentation and can only address a portion of the capabilities required for a complete cloud solution. The right cloud solution must alleviate concerns including the difficulty in managing private and public clouds with traditional in-house IT environments, application robustness, security, and agility.

The Solution: HP CloudSystem

HP is the one vendor able—today—to deliver an end-to-end, flexible cloud solution on a single platform, with all the attributes so prized by CIOs, service providers, and IT professionals. That solution is HP CloudSystem.

Based on proven, market-leading HP Converged Infrastructure and Cloud Service Automation, HP CloudSystem combines servers, storage, networking, and security together with automated system and hybrid service delivery management. The result is a complete cloud solution that lets enterprises gain agility and speed, and allows service providers to drive top-line growth.

As a part of the HP Converged Cloud architecture, HP CloudSystem will provide customers with a simplified, integrated platform to build and manage services across private, public, and managed clouds environments.

Avnet Services-HP Practice Capability

Avnet offers several cloud related services designed to lead a customer down the cloud path from discovery to realization of the efficiencies of dynamic, metered, usage based computing.  The Avnet Cloud service offerings range from on-premise cloud solutions to partnerships with enterprise cloud providers and many configurations in-between (hybrid cloud). 

  • Private Cloud - As an on-premise private cloud offering, Avnet Services-HP Practice has invested in the HP CloudSystem solution to delivery the entire lifecycle of cloud services required by Avnet clients.  The Avnet private cloud services include Cloud Discovery Workshops, software sales, solution implementation and product support.  Given our extensive experience in deploying HP CloudSystem, we have developed a fixed-price implementation solution called the Cloud E-Pak.  The Cloud E-Pak is provided in four flavors depending on the scope and size of the implementation and is designed as a starter-kit to ensure that you gain the ROI from your HP CloudSystem investment as fast as possible.
  • Hybrid Cloud - Leveraging the HP CloudSystem solution, Avnet is able to deploy a private cloud which has bursting capability to public clouds from providers such as Amazon, HP Cloud Services and Savvis. 
  • Public Cloud - Avnet Cloud Solutions developed best-in-class integrated and packaged, annuity-based public, private and hybrid cloud solutions for high-demand workloads. These solutions are designed using cloud partners and their services.  For more informaiton please review the Avnet Cloud Solutions website.

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