Wednesday, July 27, 2016
Capability Business Service Management

Business Service Management

Combining HP Software Business Service Management with Avnet Service-HP Practice process and technology expertise lets you bridge the gap between your organization's business leaders and IT.

Information Technology leaders need Business Service Management (BSM) solutions to optimize their contribution to business success. Collecting data about day to day operations is no longer sufficient in today's multivendor, dynamic, often virtualized IT environments.
HP BSM provides the solution to monitoring IT services from both user and infrastructure perspectives, combining the resulting data into a cohesive view of services and their contributing parts, and reporting service health to both IT and business leaders in a meaningful way. To make this possible, HP BSM depends on multiple levels of integration.

  • The underlying Runtime Service Model, integrated dashboard, Operations Bridge for event consolidation, and reporting tools that bring all of the data together for complete service health awareness, provide the basis for true Business Service Management. Service Level Management lets you relate metrics collected against service level agreements for reporting and service improvement.
  • Application Performance Management provides the end user perspective to the BSM solution. Synthetic transaction monitoring with Business Process Monitor (BPM) provides proactive business transaction metrics and analysis, letting you discover and correct availability and performance problems before they affect your users. Real User Monitoring (RUM) captures live user transaction performance data for quick analysis of problems experienced by your customers. HP Diagnostics allows you to drill down to the exact cause of a transaction problem detected either by BPM or RUM.
  • Transaction Management gives you monitoring and deep diagnostics into your legacy applications.

Avnet Services-HP Practice enables optimization of your HP Software BSM for fast time to value.

  • Solution Architecture, design and requirements analysis to realize the maximum value from your HP Software BSM solution investment
  • Implementation of HP Software BSM platform, including RTSM custom application and service modeling, dashboard customization, Service Health, Service Optimization and Service Analysis integrated reporting, Operations Bridge and event correlation
  • Implementation of HP Software End User Management monitoring
  • Integration of your HP Software Operations Management solutions into the BSM platform for events and service mapping.
  • Synchronizaton and/or federation with your Configuration Management System, whether you choose HP's UCMDB or a third party or in-house developed solution.
  • Integration of your in-house developed or third party monitoring tools into BSM
  • Training, documentation and knowledge transfer to enable your IT staff to own and improve the HP Software solution

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